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Halsat s.r.o. has been founded in 2007 as a satellite systems focused Company. Later on, its growed also in Dental division with specialization on dental compressors and suction units.Currently, we have constant 20% development rate in terms of sales worldwide.

 Our own branded production is basically shared in dental/medical, silent professional and industrial compressors; the development of such different ranges enabled us to build an important know-how level for the best customer satisfaction and also guarantee to the company its continuous development. On the basis of the experience developed in the years Halsat is also actually able to offer customized solutions to face the needs of those customers that require special compressors applications.

Our distinctive elements are the care paid in end user needs: typical characteristics of Halsat compressors are simple, complete and easy to understand instrumentations, light and quick maintenance operations and the continuous effort to always improve our post-sales service to guarantee to its customers the necessary piece of mind to be concentrated in their own job.

Halsat, s.r.o. exports its products nearly worldwide and its goal is to strengthen its commercial net actually based on European, Middle East, North and South American with particular attention to the development of Far East markets.